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We would never wish the devastation and pain we have experienced on any of you. However, we do wish that all of you, at some point in your lives, feel as loved as we have every day of this past year.

Patrick Downes, a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing, speaking at a tribute ceremony on April 15, 2014. #bostonstrong

Stop Pre (For just a little bit)

In another life, I have a full time job.  And board exams.  And, also, friends.  I love this little space on the internet, but I’d actually like to do a bit more with it.  Revamp.  So there will be less going on here until I figure out what “more” will look like.  And whether I can cram in “more” (always the question).  In the meantime, I’ll continue to post when the mood strikes…

The above is my Costa Rica Mashup (=

Recently, I was very lucky (and heart-fully grateful) to go backpacking in Costa Rica with my mother (of all people!).  She agreed to explore with me. 

We had a really, really, really good time.  It was full of lows, which were never really lows (cold weather, nonstop rain,initial lack of monkeys), and highs that become ever more apparent in retrospect (good to meet ya, friends from around the world!). And, of course, the bizarrely heartfelt (watching your mother anxiety-cry mid zipline … we hugged it out).  

Per usual, was loving my leggings from TASC Performance for rough treks (the same pair that endured through Machu Picchu).  And, my leggings arrived just in time for the comfiest plane ride ever.  Plus, like most of us, I love to sport a quality quasi-jegging in public.  [leggings pictured above]